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Add Data Sources

Unlike other bots, Happyml allows unlimited sources and auto-retrains on your web pages.
Add Data Sources
Customize Bot

Customize appearance and personality

Customize your chatbot's prompt, appearance, ad tone.

Deploy your chatbot

Easily add your chatbot to your website, web app, messenger app, email, or SMS.
Deploy your Chatbot

Connect Actions


Connect your chatbots to 3rd party web apps to give your bot the ability to do tasks for you on the fly, recurringly, and asynchronously.

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Use Cases

Check out how Happyml chatbots can be deployed for your organization to improve work efficiency, minimize mistakes, and automate daily tasks and responsibilities.


Add a white labeled chatbot to your web app

Your web app users will have a chatbot that knows your platform and all the information associated with their account.

Our Best Features

Happyml Chatbots are built to perform complex information retrieval accurately for your organization. Easily control and deploy AI across your services and users.

Unlimited Chatbots

There are no limits on the number of chatbots you can create in your account.

No Code Required

Easily create, customize, and share AI bots without writing a single line of code.

Privacy & Security

Happyml ensures your data's safety with advanced privacy and security measures.

Human in The Loop

Gain control of any chatbot interaction whenever you choose.

Powerful AI Models

Your chatbots operate using highly advanced AI models.

Chat History

Monitor your chatbot interactions to ensure high-quality responses.


Effortlessly expand using our usage-based pricing model.


Easily connect your web app to our Happyml API.

Available in 95+ Languages

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